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Title Author
Using Coupled Seismic and Radar Methods to Fully Characterize the Subglacial Environment Leo E Peters
Leveraging ice thickness measurements with physically-based interpolation: A case study of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland Andy Aschwanden
Layer tracing guided by a statistical method Hugh Corr
A new radar for measuring the total ice thickness and snow/firn accumulation in Antarctica José Uribe
Integrating RES and remotely-sensed ice surface data to enhance survey design, mapping and characterisation of the ice sheet bed Dr Neil Ross
UWB MIMO SAR for Imaging the Ice-Bed Interface of Polar Ice Sheets over a Wide Swath Theresa Stumpf
Development of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for storage, access and analysis of multi-layer datasets Kyle Purdon
Sounding of Subglacial Nunatak Ridges in West Antarctica Using a UHF Radar Cameron Lewis
Basal topography of Kronebreen, Svalbard Jack Kohler
Development of High Frequency Radar Depth Sounder Ali Mahmood
ICEPOD: An Imaging System Capable of Monitoring Supra-glacial, En-glacial and sub-glacial Processes in Greenland and Antarctica Nick Frearson
Using Frequency Tracking Methods for SAR Processing of Sloped Internal Layers John Paden
The bedrock topography of Starbuck Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula, as derived from ground penetrating radar Hugh Corr
New interpretations of radar profiles with so-called «refrozen ice» in Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets Alexey Markov
Relationship between layer boundaries with different dynamics parameters and surfaces of contrast reflection of radar signal in Antarctic ice sheet Alexey Markov
Isochrones and snow accumulation patterns using FMCW radar data on West Antarctica Guisella Gacitúa
Flow-history of Thwaites Glacier inferred from radar-detected flow-lines and flow-bands Brooke Medley
Improving the geothermal heat flux estimates in Greenland Ice Sheet using radar detected basal water Soroush Rezvanbehbahani
Flow dynamics of Byrd Glacier, East Antarctica CJ van der Veen
Crevasse patterns in the catchment of Byrd Glacier, East Antarctica Logan C. Byers
Ice thickness and density of the Pine Island Glacier floating ice shelf Kiya Riverman
Investigation into the flow variability of Helheim Glacier, Greenland Leigh Stearns
Regional Ice Accumulation Patterns and Flow Channels Revealed by Airborne Radar Imaging of Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland George Tsoflias
Physical and environmental impacts on Helheim Glacier flow and calving rate Steven Foga
Using Seismic Observations to Detect Deformable Ice Layers at the Base of Jakobshavn Glacier and Comparison to Radar Imaging Jose Velez
Antarctic radio frequency albedo and Implications for cosmic ray reconstruction Jessica Stockham
Spatial Variation of Englacial Attenuation Rate across the Grounding Zone of Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica Brian D Craig
Helicopter borne ice-penetrating radar system used for mapping ice thickness at Glaciar Pichillancahue-Turbio on Volcán Villarrica in Southern Chile Rodrigo Zamora
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow cover in Himalayan basins. Sunal Ojha
Wireless control of a portable lightweight dual-frequency radar system Laurent Mingo
Survey of the NASA ASAID Basal Stress Boundary in the vicinity of Elizabeth City State University Bay and West Antarctica Peninsula Michael Jefferson

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