CReSIS science club starts up at Southwest Middle School


CReSIS science club starts up at Southwest Middle School
Posted: October 9, 2014

Krystle Barnett and the science club students,  consisting of sixth through eighth grade.

Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, KS has started up a weekly science club with CReSIS staff member Krystle Barnett. Middle School teacher Marci Leuschen, whose husband is the Deputy Director for CReSIS,  recognized a need for a club after many students expressed an interest in learning more outside the classroom.
The club aims at educating students with a variety of engaging hands-on activities. The first activity centered around air pollutants, beginning with a dirty air filter as a visual aid. The students then made their own “pollution catcher” out of paper plates and petroleum jelly. The students raced through the school to hang up their catchers in the spots they thought would contain the most pollutants. The results would be observed the next week.
Leuschen believes a regular science club will “spark some students interest in science and the environment.  Plus it gives the kids another positive connection to the school, which has been shown to help with their learning and engagement in other classes.”
The club meets every other Tuesday from 3:15-4:00, and is open to all students from sixth to eighth grade.
To get a program started like this in your school, contact Cheri Hamilton at


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